Corporate Boston Car Service

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Boston is a large business hub and one of the economically most important cities in the United States. Almost all major companies have their offices here and Boston is even home office for firms like shoemakers New Balance and Converse and multinational conglomerate General Electric. This means that there are meetings, conferences and fairs to attend on a daily basis.

Companies like these often need transportation for their employees as well as out-of-town guests and the amount of business travel seems to increase year by year. No matter how big and successful, not every company can afford or wants to hire their own private chauffeur so they rather choose to partner with a reliable local limo service.

Car Service From Boston Airport

One of the crucial Boston car services definitely is Logan airport transportation. Executives often travel across the country or even as far as Europe and Asia and they need a car service to Boston airport and back that is dependable and available at all times.

They also have VIP guests from all over the world coming for meetings and they need someone to pick them up from the airport and help them catch the plane when it’s time for them to leave. They need a reliable car service that can take them around the city, from one meeting to another without being late for a single second. Especially if those guests are foreigners who don’t speak the language or have a hard time finding their way in a new city. By booking a limo service for your guest, you will make him feel appreciated and welcome which can, in turn, present you and your company in a good manner.

Vehicles For Any Number Of Passengers

The advantage of our corporate car services is that you can choose any car you need for that one occasion. If it’s your executive or an important client traveling, you usually won’t need more than a sedan. If your team is traveling to a conference or a fair, an SUV may be a perfect choice for you. For any bigger group transfer, you can book our luxury vans and be sure that everyone will be comfortable and have enough space to enjoy their travel. Of course, in case your company representatives need to attend a big glamorous event like a fundraiser, we also have stretch limousines.

All of our limousines are best-in-class vehicles with high-quality black leather seats and our chauffeurs are always in a uniform because they take want to maintain the highest level of car service for our clients.

Special Offers For Business Clients

Since we consider our business clients to be very important we wanted to offer them the best possible conditions when they book our Boston car service.

Each of our corporate accounts gets 20% off of their rides which will help you make big savings on all of your transportations.

Whenever your company books our service for the first time, we create special accounts to record your bookings and know what kind of vehicles you need, who in your company needs the transfer and where they usually go.

Our staff is available 24/7 for all your requirements and questions. They will help you organize your itinerary or make sure that our chauffeurs follow yours. They are equipped with flight tracking software that knows when the plane is landing at all times, as well as  GPS to make sure that your limo is on the track.

Book your corporate Boston car service through the form on our homepage or just dial our phone to consult with our friendly staff.