On Point Technology
27 Aug 2016


On Point Technology
To better serve our customers, we invest in the latest technologies to meet the standards that the target market operates on. Considering the fact that the Limousine industry is currently connecting to clients through mobile applications, we develop well-programmed apps to enhance easy communication. Digital technologies is applied in marketing to allow you to get closer to us and to stay on top of everything you need in the transportation industry. From time to time, for credibility purposes and continuous operations, the Riderground platform and applications are subject to some functionalities’ upgrade. The updates in our systems help us to stay up-to-date even as more technological advancements continue to take place. Through technology, we carry out marketing operations, as well as client loyalty.

Software available to everyone. Download it now.

The Riderground’s software could is available on both ITunes and the Market Store for both IPhone and Android smartphone. A version of this software is accessible by drivers’ only and the second one is for passengers. Because we know so many Travel Arrangers want to be able to offer a better service to their customers, we have launched a version available for them to use as well.


More than Ride Booking Website, a Great travel tool

We do know how important it is to make everyone feel safe and have the control of their travel activities, we make all trips informations and billing to our passengers and account holders. From the moment you decide to ride with us, we make everything available to you through our on point technology system. Riderground is not just website ride booking website, but a very helpful tool allowing travel arrangers, corporate businesses, and frequent travelers to access the best in the transportation industry whenever and wherever is needed.