Black Car Rides NETWORK

Your Business Growth Matters

Your Business Growth Matters Compared to the other transportation and Ridesharing companies, The Black Car Rides Network works better with the limousine operators. We offer to our affiliates the convenient of staying in office to manage their office duties while coaching their drivers to deliver good customer service and professional driving service on the road. The Black Car Rides Network continues where your sales and marketing team limits. We go from coast to coast, continent to continents looking for whom may be the potential prospect passengers. Join the Black Car Rides Network today and get ready to service your next riders very soon.

How does it work?

Black Car Rides makes it easy to each and every Operator to join our network. The process is below described, just follow it and an affiliate team member will contact you as soon as possible. Whether it’s a pre-book or on-demand, the reservation recorded on our website, our Mobile APPS or received over the phone will be offered to our affiliates and our affiliates only. Once accepted, it’s become the affiliate’s task to service it from Pick-up to drop-off. However, The Black Car Rides Network team keeps an eye on each rides to ensure quality and make sure riders and professionally serviced on time and in style. More details will be provided by the Affiliate Manager handling your account.

What to expect

  • On-demand Car Service
  • 24/7 Live Customer support
  • Monthly Driver incentive Guaranteed
  • Make up to 100k in revenue
  • Easy Reservation Dashboard
  • Easy and up-to-date driver Management system
  • Easy Access to your daily report
  • Track your drivers
  • Opportunity to create your own white label app for your limo Company (Terms and conditions apply).
  • Be able to member of a global reservation system throughout the Black Car Rides worldwide network.
  • Make Extra money on your farm-out reservation worldwide.

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